Why SEOmoz’s #Mozcation should come to Manchester

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Ok, so Manchester may not be as exotic and warm as other entries but by Jove we do have fun up north! It pretty much rains here 90% of the time and our summer lasts approximately one week and then we have winter for the other 51 weeks of the year but that doesn’t stop our SEO lot meeting up every month…we are a hardy bunch!

Mozcation Manchester FTW

Roger mozBot needs to visit Manchester!

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Not only do we have a great and dedicated group that get together to discuss all things digital marketing (whilst drinking large volumes of alcohol, because we do that in Manchester) our great city holds a whole host of SEO and digital conferences and get togethers. From the amazing SAScon which has had speakers such as Bruce Daisley (sales director of Twitter) attracting over 200 attendees to the Big Chip Awards which takes place every year and recognises industry wins. We don’t stop there, oh no, our northern city is all about fun and we even have MancDigiBowl where everyone joins in for a fun (aka competitive) game of bowling.

Manchester has some Key Influencers in Search

Didn’t you know that Manchester is home to some some really influencial players in Search, Analytics and Social. Here are just a few:

  • Peter Young (Regional Head of SEO, Mediacom)
  • Alex Moss (Co-Founder and Technical Director, 3 Door Digital)
  • Shane Jones (Head of Social Tech, mycleveragency)
  • Rhys Wynne (SEO Consultant, Manual Link Building)
  • Martin Bryant (Managing Editor, The Next Web)
  • Gareth Hoyle (CEO, Manual Link Building)
  • Neil Walker (Founder, Quaero Media)
  • Simon Wharton (MD, PushON)
  • Richard Gregory (COO, Latitude)
  • Guy Levine (MD, Return on Digital)
  • Phil MacKechnie (Head of SEO, Carat)
  • Ben McKay (Head of SEO, MoneySupermarket)

What Manchester Has To Offer

Manchester has been twinned with a number of famous cities such as Cordoba in Spain, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Los Angeles in the US. Yes, LA has the weather, scantily clad women rollerblading and long sandy beaches but we have Manchester City and Manchester United and who doesn’t love a bit of footy?

Contrary to belief from many, including our capital of London, we are not hillbillies, we do have electricity and we don’t all live in houses like those on Coronation Street. In fact, Manchester has been a city of some amazing firsts! Did you know that the atom was first split here? We are home to the first railway station in England and more importantly, none of us would be in a job without Manchester (well…kind of). In 1948 the first stored computer was built at the Victoria University here which contained all the necessary components which were essential to the modern computer we all know, love and use today! So if that isn’t reason enough for you to come here (although it should be) here are some more just to persuade you that little bit extra.

Manchester is the second most visited city in England after London, but London is the capital and would obviously get visitors so we are technically the most visited city in England if you look at it with a slightly warped reasoning. Musical greats have been born and bred in these rainy parts such as Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division and the Stone Roses and so using song titles from these four influential bands we give you the following final push to get SEOmoz to come to us: “Please, please, please let me get what I want” so I “Don’t look back in anger”, Manchester is like “Breaking into heaven” it will be your “One Love” and we are definitely “What the world is waiting for” (well the digital marketing world at least!)

P.S. If that still wasn’t enough, Henry Royce met Charles Rolls in the Midland Hotel  and went on to make some of the most amazing cars ever…just saying.

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