Mancsas First Annual Fantasy Premier League 2012-13

As alluded to in our Mozcation post, Manchester is the home of many football teams. From the big boys of Manchester United and Manchester City to the small community clubs such as Wilmslow Albion, Radcliffe Borough and Maine Road, Manchester, and its residents, have a strong affinity to the beautiful game.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Vincent Kompany lifted the Premier League Title (and – more importantly for me – Colwyn Bay ran riot in the first half against Gloucester City to secure their Blue Square North status for another season), but already with transfer dealings being made, and preseason friendlies being played around the world, the football season is once again coming to life, which means one thing:-

The launch of the #mancsas Fantasy Premier League 2012-13!

Previously occupying the #mancseo hashtag, the #mancsas league is a brand new league ran on the official Premier League Website. You have 100 million to assemble a team of 15 players, which you need to pick a starting 11, and appoint a captain (who will score you double points) and a vice captain (who will become the captain should the captain be out for a game).

To play, please create a team at Fantasy Premier League, and then click on “Join League”. Click on “Join Private League”, and enter the following code to join the league:-


Please note: this is a brand new league this year, the previous one I had trouble in changing the name. So you’ll have to join again.

This competition – whilst run by us – is not exclusively for Manchester based Social & Search Marketers. Similar marketers from all over the country can enter, as well as designers, developers, and anybody who works in the digital sector. Heck I think a few of Manual Link Building’s dedicated outsourcing team entered last year! ;)

Who have you picked? Have you any fighting words for this year? Feel free to bait your league rivals in the comments!


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