The final MancSEO meetup …..

Thursday the 28th of June sees the last ever MancSEO meetup but don’t fret we will be announcing a number of changes to the format and framework of the events to make this

  1. More all inclusive. A criticism of many of the events recently are that these have been just drinks and nothing else. As the Manchester SEO organising committee we have taken much of this on board and will be announcing some very exciting tweaks moving forward
  2. More extensive – SEO is so much more broad than when the community first kicked off. The requirement for SEO’s to understand other aspects such as Social and Analytics means that as SEO’s we really need to be multi-skilled to maximise the organic search opportunity
  3. More valuable – The original framework for Manchester SEO was to make this something that the community could learn from each other. This ethos still stands however we are keen to ensure that we as a community continue to be seen at the forefront of the UK SEO scene.

THe final event will take place at Dukes on the 28th of June kicking off at 6pm. A formal announcement of the new framework will be announced then

More news can be found on our Facebook page here –¬†

Looking forward to seeing you all then


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